Not only was this an incredibly offensive campaign, but it was also terrible business!

Dr. Pepper: “How can we make complete asses of ourselves while effectively eliminating half of our user base?”

SPIKE TV: “bro I’ve got just what you need bro”

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Anonymous asked: Saw your post "here's your logic asshole" and I just wanted to say how great that was. You are excellent. Have a good day. :-)

It’s so nice to be boosted anonymously. Some people are lovely.

There are now 2 mass shootings happening a month. Study reveals eye opening facts about gun massacres in America

Fuck the NRA

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Maturing is realizing how many things don’t require your comment. — Rachel Wolchin (via ohfairies)

False #foreveryoung

… No really though… That a a really suppressive sort of quotation. I’d rather that EVERYONE comment on things (and not just the loudest people). If the non-commenters are so mature, then I’d really like to hear their views.

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